A simple timer for tasks and projects with Basecamp or ActiveCollab built by people who actually use it. Now we're sharing a completely new version with the world absolutely free!

Some quick highlights

  • Use RefreshTimer like a stopwatch to keep track of your time spent on projects.
  • Link RefreshTimer to your ActiveCollab & Basecamp account(s) so you can log time for specific projects, tickets, and tasks.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Because we're selling this software at such an affordable price (free for now), we may not be able to provide 24 hour turn around on support requests (but we respond to everyone).
  • This is almost version 1.0. As users request more features we'll build it out more. Also, a registration is good for a lifetime, no user left behind!


  • Built using Adobe's brand spankin' new Flash Builder 4.
  • Super small footprint (25px at top of screen).
  • Cross platform (it's an AIR app).
  • Easy to learn, easy to master! Easily filter any list by typing!
  • Multiple profiles (by request)! So, if for some reason, you work in multiple task management systems.
  • Free while in beta.

More Features?

If there are more features you would like to see, use the "Suggest Feature" link above!


  • Adobe AIR: 2.0 or greater. More info.
  • ActiveCollab: 2.0 or greater. More info.
  • Basecamp: Any paid account (free doesn't allow time posting). More info.


That's pretty much it. The beauty of AIR is that it runs things for us. Anyway, if you have any issues, use the contact form above and we'll get the issues take care of as fast as we can!

Reach Out!

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